Our Cultural Clubs

Our Cultural Clubs

SMU Al Khaleej

Have you ever wondered what it is like to experience the Middle East? If your answer is yes, get ready for Al Khaleej! Expand your horizons and discover the wonders of the Gulf through events organised to celebrate Middle Eastern culture. From belly dancing workshops to Arab food trails to Henna workshops as well!

SMU Apsara Cambodia

Join Apsara Cambodia for their exciting activities ranging from shadow puppet to kite flying! Enjoy free refreshments and cultural snacks from the heartlands of Cambodia while you are at it!

SMU Barkada

Barkada is the Filipino equivalent of the word ‘clique’ and more specifically, it is a group of friends. That’s exactly what Barkada is all about- a bunch of really good friends enjoying good food and having a blast together! From engaging in the local music scene to diving into the Filipino cuisine, there’s no shortage of interesting activities!

SMU Chao Vietnam

Love munching on Banh Mi and slurping on Pho? Join in the fun with Chao Vietnam as they give you a taste of Vietnam! From their welcome tea to BBQ nights- keep a look out for their events!

SMU Connect China

Everyone knows that China has the world’s largest population and is an economic giant. But did you know that China has well over 100 cities of over a million people? Or the fact that there is a rich history behind every exciting dish? Join SMU Connect China to learn more! Hop onto their instagram for some fun facts!

SMU Francophiles

Always wanted to learn French and didn’t know where to start? Want to learn how to bake the best of French culinary treats? Delve into the French culture with our France fanatics at Francophiles!

SMU Indian Cultural Society

Indian Cultural Society is a club that aims to promote Indian Culture in SMU and Singapore. For all the Indians who have come to Singapore, this club gives you a family away from home. You can come down for our events and be a part of our family!

SMU Japanese Cultural Society

Pick up a new language or learn about the iconic sights in Japan’s many prefectures with JCC events! JCC strives to cultivate a deeper understanding of Japanese culture through intercultural exchanges with Japanese students, learning the language and even celebrating holidays.

SMU Myanmar Community

A place to immerse yourself in rich Burmese traditions. We strive to create a comfortable space for everyone to learn about Myanmar. Join us through our upcoming social events!

SMU Roots

A home for SMU students, local and international, to experience Singapore’s unique culture. Expose yourself to what Singapore has to offer through their various events

SMU Truly Malaysia

A food haven to yum cha: nasi briyani, nyonya kueh, roti canai, bak kut teh… A rojak of vibrant hues: Malay, Indian, Chinese, Peranakan… A wonderland to jalan jalan: Mt. Kinabalu, Semporna, Genting highlands, Batu caves… Experience the culture and spirit of Malaysia with us at SMU Truly Malaysia. With our baking workshop, Malaysia trip and many more events, we can’t wait to belanja you Leng Zais and Leng Luis!

SMU WooriSayi

Love K-POP, K-Drama, or Korean Food? SMU Woori Sayi is a club that aims to spread awareness and promote all facets of Korean culture to the SMU community via Korean games, food, pop culture, history, language, and more! Come join us in our events such as Woori Day and Running Man Camp, where you get to play a variety of games involving different aspects of Korean culture in exchange for attractive prizes like delicious Korean food!

SMU Yim Siam

Welcome to SMU Yim Siam, “the Club of Smiles” where you will learn about the culture of smile and the Thai lifestyle! Check out the upcoming events and join our community in the link below! Hope to see you soon :’)