Our Management Committee

Our Management Committee

The ICON Management Committee (MC) consists of ICON’s Executive Committee and Presidents from the 13 Cultural Clubs. Together, our Management Committee aims to bring ICON’s vision and mission to life.

17th ICON Executive Committee

ICON’s Executive Committee is made up of the following departments that together, create holistic experiences for the SMU community. Experience what ICON has for you through our Events, Social Media, Welfare Drives and the Buddy Programme.

Bottom 5

From Left to Right:

Tran Linh Chi,
Honorary Finance Secretary

Catherine Wong,
Honorary General Secretary

Rhea Singhania,

Claire Tang,
Vice President

Sheryl Wong,
Vice President


From Left to Right:

Jaclyn Koh,
Events Deputy Director

Song Tianqi,
Events Director

Michelle Alexandra,
Events Director

Marketing & Communications

From Left to Right:

Vanessa Suhanny,
Marcomms Deputy Director

Irvine Nuary,
Marcomms Director

Chen Hsuan Ju (Angela),
Marcomms Deputy Director


From Left to Right:

Zhuo Yanjie,
Welfare Deputy Director

Zhao YiGuo,
Welfare Director


From Left to Right:

Tina Ng,
Integration Deputy Director

Shrey Bansal,
Integration Director

Cultural Club Presidents

Collectively, our 13 Cultural Clubs promote unique aspects of their culture through events planned every semester. Some examples of such events include Cooking Classes, Language Lessons, Intercultural Sharing Sessions and Excursions.

From Left to Right:

Tra Bibi,
President of SMU Apsara Cambodia

Lim Ming Han,
President of SMU WooriSayi

Ho Zheng Weng, Lazslo,
President of SMU Roots

Sasthaa Gingee Babu (Uday),
President of SMU Al Khaleej

Lai Yi Qian,
President of SMU Truly Malaysia

Tran Vu Son Tung (Jacob),
President of SMU Chao Vietnam

Devansh Agarwal,
President of SMU Indian Cultural Society

From Left to Right, From Top to Bottom:

Wu Jiawei,
President of SMU Japanese Cultural Club

Kirk Lance P. Cuizon,
President of SMU Barkarda

Eingyin Khin,
President of SMU Myanmar Community

Bhattacharyya Sauradeep,
President of SMU Francophiles

Chonmabhum Taengtoemphan (AJ),
President of SMU Yim Siam

Peng Shaohua,
President of SMU Connect China